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Welcome to the Garage!

The Garage is a place where deals get done.

It’s a collaboration space for entrepreneurs, individuals, and small teams looking for collaboration, capital, software development, sales and marketing, mentors, and deal flow.

While we support companies and projects in technology, software, and health care, we also feel those in real estate, oil and gas, manufacturing, international business or other industry verticals should have a space where contacts and ideas can be monetized.

The Garage is a place to find deals or pitch your own, forge lasting relationships and yes, get work done.

Tools to Help You Build a Better Business

Tools to Build a Better Business

Let’s face it, most businesses fail because of lack of execution, lack of capital, or both.

Whether you have created and built successful businesses or merely have an idea, The Garage is a place where collaboration creates opportunities.

You’ll find tools, resources, people and more importantly, solutions.

So welcome to The Garage. Now, roll up your sleeves and come join us.

Your Tools to Build a Better Business

Not Just Technology.

Investors • Mentors • Deal Flow • Sales
Marketing • Software Development • Partial CXO
Legal • Finance • International Trade
Business Development
If you are a business owner or an investor – or if you just had a deal hit your plate – we want you to bring your work into The Garage. It’s where deals get done.

Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Technology, Software…yea, pretty much any deal, any business, any vertical and any stage of business. Whether you are a mature business looking to grow or a startup in need of resources, come join us at The Garage today.

There’s always cool stuff happening in our space. You should stop in and join us!

Events & Activities

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  • Morning Coffee
  • Office Chatter
  • Business Strategy with Service Providers
  • Business Owner / Celebrity Interviews
  • Heads Down Time
  • Group Emails

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  • Coffee With Creators
  • Community Lunch
  • Beer:30

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  • Factory Townhall
  • Social Events
  • Meetups
  • First Wednesday – Real Estate Pros / deals
  • 2nd Wednesday – Software / Tech
  • 3rd Wednesday – b2b Pros
  • 4th Wednesday – B2C Pros
  • 2nd Thursday – Mentor / Service Provider Meetup
  • 3rd Thursday – Healthcare Meetup / Deals

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  • Startup Weekend
  • Annual Bar Crawl
  • Holiday Pot Luck

Check Out the Garage’s Schedule

The Businesses You Have Made In The Garage


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Whenches of various sizes

Membership Plans to Fit Your Needs

Grease Monkey Plan
$199 per month
  • Access Card for 24/7 access to The Garage
  • Use of 2930 Commerce Address and Mail Drop
  • Dedicated Phone Number and Voicemail with Email Delivery
  • Unlimited Conference Room Access
  • Free High Speed Internet with Wi-Fi
  • Print/Scan/Fax/Copy Office Station
  • Business Networking Hub
  • Use of The Garage for Special Events or Meetings
  • Use of The Garage for Training Events
  • Free Coffee and Tea from Keurig Commercial Brewing System
  • 2-Presentation Projectors and Whiteboards
  • Cool Ass Space in Deep Ellum!

Mechanic’s Apprentice
$349 per month
  • Grease Monkey Plan plus a Dedicated Desk

Master Mechanic
$799 per month
  • Grease Monkey Plan plus a Dedicated Private Office


Just Wanting to Tinker Around Under the Hood?
The Garage Also Offers Part-Time and Virtual Services
Tool Wrangler
$100 per month


    • All Virtual Office Services
      • Use of 2930 Commerce Address and Mail Drop
      • Dedicated Phone Number and Voicemail with Email Delivery

    • 30 hours a month drop-in access to the Garage

  • 5 hours a month Conference Room Access

Our Cool Ass Space in Deep Ellum

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